Alpine Ski Bikes

011 Used Full Suspension Skibike with Alpine Ski-MX Kit

  • $ 699.99

This is another bike I've had since the beginning.  It has 4" of suspension travel front and rear.  It is fairly well used, but still rides great.  It is the one pictured in the "Before and After" pics on the scrolling pics at the top of the home page on this site.  It has the older style torsion spring brackets on it.  The frame is a medium, but the seat height can be set very low.  I've had riders that were 4'11" ride it with no issues.  I'm 6'3" and I'm very comfortable on this bike.  This bike only weighs 26 pounds and is very easy to turn.  It has 99 cm twin tip skiboards with 8 meters of sidecut radius so it carves really tight rails.  Tip-waist-tail 100-80-90mm.  If I was keeping it, I would stone grind the bases and throw a tune on the skis.  Not necessary, but recommended.  Alpine Skibikes (the business) is for sale.  Email with questions.

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