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021 Used Jamis Dakar XLT 1.0 with 750 watt motor

  • $ 2,900.00


This is a 2004 Jamis Dakar XLT 1.0 with 26" rims.  It has brand new Magura MT-4 hydraulic disc brakes, dropper seatpost, 42 tooth Lekkie offset chainring, Shimano 9 speed (11-34) cassette, left thumb throttle, and a 750 watt e-Rad motor kit with ~350 miles on it with a 17.5 ah battery.  It has 5" of suspension travel front and rear.  It has fenders and a rear rack that is useful for carrying gear either on or off road.  It comes with on and off road tires.  My wife used this on road rides to keep up with me on my non-motorized Cannondale road bike.  She LOVED being able to leave me in the dust whenever she wanted ;)  The frame size is XL, so it was perfectly comfortable for my 6'3" frame, but the dropper post goes low enough to accommodate a 5'6" rider.  This is a go anywhere rig that can take you to some amazing places.  It was my first e-bike and I have loved riding it, but now that I have my Ohmnivore I just don't ride it any more.  Once I sell all three used bikes, I will be close to being able to afford a Lenz Fat-Elec for my wife.

If you are in the Tahoe area, come do a demo ride and you'll surely get hooked.  Smiles and laughter are the usual result of one's first experience on an e-bike.  Riding the bikes on the streets around my shop in Gardnerville, NV for a few minutes is free, but if you want to go on an extended demo on a local off-road trail for a few hours, we can do that for $89 per bike.  The $89 charge will be subtracted from the purchase price of the bike if you decide to buy.  If you want to arrange a demo, buy a bike, or have any questions, or want to see more pics of the bikes, e-mail me at  You will not believe how much fun these machines are!

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