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023 Used ST-3 full suspension MTB with 750 watt motor and NuVinci Hub

  • $ 2,200.00


This is a 2000 ST-3 full suspension mountain bike with 26" rims.  It has a 42 tooth Lekkie offset chainring, NuVinci N-360 continuously variable hub, and a 750 watt e-Rad motor kit with ~50 miles on it with a 14 ah battery.  The motor has 5 levels of pedal assist to choose from, but only the first 3 are really necessary on all but the steepest of hills.  The motor assist cuts off at 20mph making this bike street legal without requirement for license, registration or insurance.   I did not put the throttle on this one because the NuVinci hub is technically only rated for 350 watts, but the e-Rad folks have been running these hubs on 750 watt motors with no issues.  The throttle is capable of putting all 750 watts to the rear wheel no matter what gear you are in, which is more torque than I'm comfortable with for this hub.  But the throttle is easy to install and you can put it on at your own risk if you choose.  It has 4" of suspension travel front and rear.  It comes with on and off road tires.  The NuVinci hub makes this bike an absolute joy to ride.  It is well suited to easy and moderate MTB trails, but the weight of the battery above the rear wheel is not ideal for steep climbing or very technical trails.  You can do it, but the front end gets really light on the steeper climbs and just doesn't feel as good as the other bikes with the batteries lower in the frame.  But it is the perfect commuter bike when you swap the road tires onto it.  The frame size is a Medium so at a height of 6'3", it was slightly on the small side for me but I was able to comfortably ride this bike with a long stem to compensate.  I can put any length stem to suit the rider's height and the seat can be lowered to accommodate riders down to about 5'4".  

If you are in the Tahoe area, come do a demo ride and you'll surely get hooked.  Smiles and laughter are the usual result of one's first experience on an e-bike.  Riding the bikes on the streets around my shop in Gardnerville, NV for a few minutes is free, but if you want to go on an extended demo on a local off-road trail for a few hours, we can do that for $89 per bike.  The $89 charge will be subtracted from the purchase price of the bike if you decide to buy.  If you want to arrange a demo, buy a bike, or have any questions, or want to see more pics of the bikes, e-mail me at  You will not believe how much fun these machines are!

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