Alpine Ski Bikes

076 Used Twin-tip Skiboards with 50x100mm inserts 99cm length

  • $ 79.99

This is an older model with a few seasons of use on them with commensurate scratches and minor edge rust.  It is a ski-bike-specific 99cm twin tip ski-board with a 50x100mm insert pattern that allows you to bolt them to the brackets with no drilling. The ski is a sandwich construction with a 100mm tip width, 80mm waist width and 90mm tail width, featuring an 8 meter sidecut radius for easy turning and crisp edge-lock carving. It is narrow enough to track straight on the flats and offers quick edge to edge responsiveness, yet wide enough to float tip-high through moderate powder.  It is from one of the early runs of Chinese skis that arrived from the factory "base-high" and so felt a little squirrelly.  I have been meaning to get them belt sanded and stone ground back to flat, but just never got around to it.  They are rideable as is, but if you belt sand and stone grind the bases, they will ride so much sweeter.  They retailed for $219.99 when new.