Alpine Ski Bikes

0773 Used Twin-tip Skiboards with 40x40mm inserts 95cm length

  • $ 69.99

This is my very first ski design. This silver pair was one of the first 5 pairs of prototypes I had made even before I had a topsheet graphic.  The other four pair were used and sold, but these have been hanging around in the shop unused for the last 17 years.  They may have been ridden once.  Because of the 68mm waist width, these skis are not compatible with the newer 3" wide bungee arm brackets on this site.  If you have the older torsion spring kit, then these will work great, because that is what they were designed to be used with.  They are well-used, ski-bike-specific 95cm twin tip ski-boards with a 40x40mm insert pattern that allows you to bolt them to the brackets with no drilling. They have all the scratches and light rust you would expect on a well-used ski.  A belt sand, and stone grind will return them to optimum riding performance once again.  The ski is a cap construction with a 68mm waist width and an 8 meter sidecut radius for easy turning and crisp edge-lock carving. The super narrow waist width makes them the best performing ski for very icy or hard-packed conditions.  In hard conditions this is the easiest riding ski ever.  I have laid down tight edge-lock carves on bulletproof ice with these X-rail skis.  They are still my favorites for early season ice riding.  They are too narrow to float through deep powder and so are not ideal for that, although I have done it occasionally.