Alpine Ski Bikes

12 Threaded Rear Axle Bracket 135 x 9mm MTB

  • $ 199.99

This bracket will fit bikes with 135 x 9mm threaded rear axle dropouts.  Most cross-country mountain bikes have this rear axle size. 

These brackets feature a silicone-lubricated, sealed axle bushing system that utilizes rubber O-rings to keep the lube in and water out. Be sure the O-rings are properly seated in their grooves before tightening the axle into place.

There are 5 holes on the stabilizer arm which allows the bungee to be positioned at the top for more rigid resistance or near the bottom to allow a smoother terrain-hugging ski motion.  The stabilizer arm can be rotated to any angle to set the proper ski attitude (level or slightly tip-high).

The bungees are made of natural rubber which has much better cold weather performance than the common EPDM straps. If you want to replace worn out straps or add more straps to increase resistance, you can buy 10 natural rubber 15-inch bungees for $8.99 at The mounting holes will fit 40 x 40mm (which most skiboards use) or 100 x 50mm (which all Lenzsport skis use) mounting patterns.  These brackets are 3" wide with an axle height of 6.4".