Alpine Ski Bikes

13 Threaded Rear Bracket with 40x40mm insert pattern 135x9mm axle

  • $ 99.99

This rear mounting bracket will fit most all cross country mountain bikes with slotted rear dropouts.  It has a threaded, 175mm long, 3/8" x 24 thread-per-inch axle shaft.  If the specifications for your bike list the rear axle as 135x9mm or 135x10mm, this is the right bracket to get.  This bracket features custom torsion springs that keep the ski level when airborne.  Whatever attitude the ski is in when you bolt it on, will be your neutral position when in the air.  The ski should be level or slightly tip-high when the bike is off the ground.  This bracket is 2.35" wide with an axle height of 6".  It has the 40x40mm countersunk insert hole pattern.  If you need the 50x100mm pattern, you can drill the extra 4 holes by making a paper template of the pattern you need by the pencil rub method and then accurately center punch and drill the new holes from the bottom of the bracket.  Feel free to contact me for details on exactly how to do this.  

*Note:  don't forget to order a front bracket, foot pegs, and skis.