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02 Custom Lenz Ohmnivore E-Mountain Bike (special order only, 60 day lead time)

  • $ 9,000.00

Nearly every major bike brand is now offering e-bike models, but they are all limited to 350 watt motors that use a torque-sensed pedal assist only (no throttle option), meaning that you have to pedal quite vigorously to get the maximum assistance from the motor.  My knees can't handle the required torque to accomplish this, so I opted to go for the Bafang motor kits from e~Rad since they use a cadence sensor for the pedal assist and have the option for the addition of a throttle.  Also, you can choose the still-street-legal 750 watt motor or go for the off-road-only 1000 watt version (pictured on the custom Lenz Ohmnivore here).  

If you simply want the absolute ultimate in performance then the Lenz Ohmnivore is the only option.  Devin Lenz is now custom making frames around these Bafang motor kits.  You can choose any wheel and tire size (including 4" fat tires seen in the second pic below), any frame size, any component combination, and any color of powder coat.  My personal bike (teal bike pictured here) is a 27.5" x 3" plus bike in size XL.  It has the 14 speed Rohloff Speed Hub that has a 526% gear range to allow for super low hill climbing gears as well as 30 mph top end on the street.  This hub is perfect for e-bike applications but that performance comes at a premium as it is a $1300 hub.  The custom frame is $2890 including rear shock, and the rest of the components add together to make the retail on this particular bike just under $9000.  I sold my mint 2012 Kawasaki KLR 650 just to pay for half of this rig, but it has been worth every penny.  If you are interested in a custom build, e-mail me at to discuss details.

 If you are in the Tahoe area, come do a demo ride and you'll surely get hooked.  Smiles and laughter are the usual result of one's first experience on an e-bike.  Riding the bikes on the streets around my shop in Gardnerville, NV for a few minutes is free, but if you want to go on an extended demo on a local off-road trail for a few hours, we can do that for $89 per bike.  The $89 charge will be subtracted from the purchase price of the bike if you decide to buy.  If you want to arrange a demo, buy a bike, or have any questions, or want to see more pics of the bikes, e-mail me at  You will not believe how much fun these machines are!

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