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Shim material for axle plugs (free shipping in US)

  • $ 5.00

I have changed the shim material for the axle plugs to this Derlin Acetal Resin Strip because it makes for a tighter fit than the teflon that I used last season.  This stuff requires a bit of a wrestling match to force it into the axle tube, but it's worth it to get the tighter axle fit.  The piece measures exactly 3.00 inches in one dimension and 3.16 inches in the other.  Make sure you have the 3.00 inch dimension transverse to the axle.  If you put it in wrong, you will have point one six inches of material sticking out of the axle tube.  The material is .031" thick.  If you notice play in your through axle brackets, this will fix it.  Free shipping within the contiguous USA.  If you are an international customer, email me for a shipping quote.