Alpine Ski Bikes

Clearance Skibike Conversion Kit (without skis) for 26" mountain bikes

  • $ 299.99

This is our older model conversion kit that allows you to convert virtually any bicycle into a "Skibike".  Just remove your wheels and replace them with our ski brackets which have the same axles as your bike wheels, and you're ready to hit the slopes.  

This standard kit is the kit for most all Mountainbikes. It fits 100mm x 9mm front dropouts and 135mm x 9mm rear dropouts which are the industry standard. The rear axle can be converted via removal of a spacer to fit 110mm x 9mm BMX rear dropouts as well. 

Mounting triangles and foot pegs are extruded 6061 T-6 aluminum. They use standard 3/8" 26 thread-per-inch bicycle axles (140mm and 175mm lengths), which can be replaced with any standard axle set, and feature custom made torsion springs (one on front and one on rear) that keep the skis level while airborne.  Whatever attitude the skis are in when you bolt them on, will be their neutral attitude when airborne.  The skis should be level, or slightly tip-high when the bike is off the ground.  These brackets are 2.35" wide with an axle height of 6" when mounted on a ski.

The hole pattern on all our kits fits 40mm x 40mm mounting holes.  If you want to mount these brackets to a ski with a 50mm x 100mm hole pattern, then you will have to very accurately drill those holes into the base of this bracket.  The standard kit is the kit that 95% of riders will need. If you have through-axles then you will need to individually select each appropriate size through-axle bracket (one front and one rear) from the list below.  If you are unsure what you have, you can take a close-up photo of your axles and email them to me and I will tell you which kit you need, or if you Google the year, make and model of your bike, you can usually find the axle specs online.

When choosing a ski, keep in mind that the optimum length for 20" BMX bikes is 85-90cm, and for 26" mountain bikes 95-100cm seems to work best. If you want to run the 99cm twin tip ski-boards on a 20" BMX frame, you must run the rear ski backwards to allow for clearance between the front and rear ski.