Alpine Ski Bikes

Used Chrome BMX Skibike with 95cm X-Rail twin tip skis

  • $ 299.99

This bike was the first bike I converted back in 2001.  It has the lower axle height BMX specific mounting triangles and 95cm X-Rail skis.  The skis are well-used and have had an epoxy de-lamination repair to the tip of the rear ski (see close up pic), but they still ride just fine with some light rust on the edges.  They could use a tune and wax, but it is not necessary as they ride fine as is.  It uses a ski-tip-to-bungee system to keep the rear ski level when airborne in lieu of the torsion springs and only has one torsion spring on the front bracket (see close up pic) which seems to work just as well as using two.  This bike is very maneuverable and fun to ride.  This exact bike can be seen doing tail whips in the 30 second Winter-X-Bike commercial on the videos page on this site.  I am 6'3" and I can comfortably ride this little rig.  By lowering the seat, it can be made to fit the smallest of riders.  If you are looking for the least expensive way to get into skibiking, this is it.  You will not find a less expensive complete skibike anywhere.

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