Alpine Ski Bikes

009 Used 2001 Turner DH Racer with Alpine Ski-MX Kit and super pegs

  • $ 1,200.00

This is the first downhill bike I ever converted and it remains my favorite rig of all time because of the very refined ride feel and super plush 8" suspension travel.  Whenever I take out a demo group and let them ride all the bikes, this is always everyone's favorite bike.  I always said I would never sell it, but now that I'm closing the doors of Alpine Skibikes at the end of this season, I am liquidating everything, so it too must go.  If you are interested in buying the business, shoot me an email at  This Turner weighs 34 pounds and has some custom supersized foot pegs that Devin Lenz made that I really love since you can move the position of your feet forward and backwards a fair ways.  The frame is an XL, so if you are much under 5'8", it might be big for you.  I'm 6'3" and it is the most comfortable fit of any bike I've ever ridden.  If you are in the Tahoe area, come ride it and you will see what I mean.  The skis are a well-made cap ski with old Lenz adapter plates on them.  They are 99cm long with a 10 meter sidecut radius, a tip-waist-tail of 106 85 98mm.  They have a perfect stiffness and carve the hardpack better than most.  They have minor scratches on the bases (see pics).  They ride fine as is, but I would throw a tune on them to return them to optimum performance.  There is a pic of this rig on the home page of this site with Bubba doing a heel clicker on it at Big Bear back in 2002.  If you are looking for the burliest, most indestructible nicest riding skibike around, this is it!

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